Friday, May 06, 2011

Michael Meldrum RIP

I am working on something more in-depth for both this blog and another publication, but it saddens me (and Val) to make note of the death of singer, songwriter, organizer, Buffalo music community and Allentown legend, and simply great person and friend, Michael Meldrum, who died Thursday.
Val and I were fortunately able to visit Michael, his wife Diane Gall-Meldrum and their children, Julia and Xander, in hospice care Wednesday to share our love and concern and sadly, say our goodbyes.
Michael was surrounded by family and friends, musicians and artists, on the last week leading to his final journey, which was the way he lived, and he will be sorely missed by the music and arts community, his family and friends.
It hurt to write these words, but sharing as much as we can about and with Michael and his family is the best way to address this sad time.


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