Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the Campaign Trail

As my political volunteering continues during this primary and general election season, a few things occur just as they do every year.
First of all, I do regret that this activity keeps me away from Val, Walker Evans and home for too long at times, and that some of my other interests have to be left to the wayside or at least be given much less attention for the time being. It's nothing new, but it does occur.
Second, I am and will continue to consume way too much pizza and chicken wings, which of course means I will continue to consume too much mediocre to bad pizza and chicken wings, with the occasional LaNova order helping things, but still without barbecued wings. The food is mostly provided for us, but my stomach and waistline complain still. Once in a while, a substitute of sorts is offered, but maybe someone should try to get us some subs from Subway once in a while.
And, as I mentioned briefly a couple of weeks ago, when you get the change to drive home at sunset frequently, you get to enjoy some real colorful shows provided by Mother Nature or whoever is in charge. Last night, as I stood in a northern Amherst parking lot getting into my car, the clouds were in swirling lines, white with orange lining and blue skies with a touch of orange getting darker as I drove home.


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