Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Ten Network: Yay, Except For ...

Val and I get the Big Ten Network, and with our being big University of Wisconsin fans (I've mentioned Val's family connections to Wisconsin), we were thrilled to start the NCAA Division I football season with the 7 p.m. game Saturday being Wisconsin hosting Northern Illinois.
The Badgers beat Northern Illinois, 28-20; the game was closer than it should have been due to at least one overwhelmingly bad referee's call on a play in which the Badger defender stopped the quaterback, forced a fumble and recovered it deep in his own territory, but forward progress was ruled stopped and the call was not reversible.
The broadcast team, who of course I forgot to write down, was pretty good; informative, professional sounding and did not fall for the vast majority of cliches that too many other ESPN and other broadcast network teams use during college football season.
There was one painful part of the broadcast, though; like Monday Night Football, there is a theme song for this year's Big Ten football season programming, as well as a big production commercial featuring a band, all teams and cheerleaders. Of course, there is a horrible song written just for the Big Ten, performed by ... Rascal Flats. Fucking Rascal Flats.
It's as if the Big Ten Network went as close as it could to getting someone worse than Hank Williams Jr., and actually did get a worse recording act.


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