Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling of Musical Meh

I always try to find moments of interesting musical usage or referrals in public spectacles, from presidential conventions and campaigns to inaugurations, advertising and commentary from candidates, positive or negative.
In this sense, the Democratic National Convention has been somewhat of a boring disappointment; not only have I not heard any captivating musical usage or referrals, I haven't heard much of the music being used while watching MSNBC becuase their commentators are constantly verbalizing from the moment a speeeh ends to the moment another one begins or when a commercial is run. It took a train whistle to get Keith Olbermann (who I enjoy) and Chris Matthews to pause for a moment Tuesday night.
Obviously, the commentators are there to commentate, and some, like Rachel Maddow, are more often than not informative and entertaining, but some don't know when to stop. While Patrick Buchanan can be once in a great while on target and entertaining in an "uncle you'd swear didn't say what he just did/wow, he really is a right-wing lunatic" way, his bluster has grown tiring and I am starting to wonder if he is just doing so to get attention or because he thinks that is what the viewers want to see.
If you have heard of any interesting musical references from the convention, please let me know in the comments section.


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