Monday, July 17, 2006

A Wee Bit More on Bloggers

I forgot to mention that it was also great to get to meet some of the spouses and children of many bloggers at BloggerCon IV, bringing a bit more humanity to our group.
I decided to make a pork sandwich for dinner yesterday using some of the leftover pork loin LC Scotty cooked up; man, I believe that was the best pork sandwich I have ever eaten.


Anonymous Mark said...

Kevin and Vel,

Though not a a spouse or family member, thanks for the mention. It was a great afternoon. I thought it was very interesting how well everyone got along right off the bat. It was a community.

It was good to see you guys again as well as Scott and Kelly and meet everyone else. I had some great conversation and picked up a thing or two to investigate related to what I'm going to do here in Buffalo.

Oh and for leaving, we were trying to find the entrance we came in through. It seems they closed it before we got there and then it was a game of staying ahead of Bigfoot, but that's another story.


9:50 AM  

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