Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Few More BloggerCom IV Comments

Val and I had a great time at BloggerCon IV at Chestnut Ridge Park yesterday (as it appears everyone else in attendance did), and Val has covered most of the angles here already, so I have just a few extra comments.
First, Scotty and Jenn deserve a ton of thanks and credit for all of the work they put into organizing and providing for things, and Scotty in particular gets thanks for his 9-pound pork loin; he may think it was a bit dry, but the two pieces I ate yesterday were excellent, and the large piece I took home with me is the centerpiece of my dinner tonight (Val will be working on her fruit salad remains, which it appears were MUCH better than the 10-pound carton of rumored fruit salad with mayonnaise inspired food substance Alan bravely tried and all but spit out and Scotty tried, swallowed, was bored with and moved on from). I would nominate Scotty for grillmaster general of Buffalo bloggers, and let's not forget that Kelly's picnic in the Southtowns idea greatly influenced things.
Kelly, Val, several other people and I also talked about many things Looney Tunes, including music and substance influence on many of the classic cartoons. The reason I was silent when you mentioned the Lord of the Rings reference (this may be the only time I will ever mention those four words in a blog entry), Kelly, was that I have basically learned not to say my true feelings about LOTR and other things mystical in Val's presence (ask her about D&D Club in high school some time).
It was great to see that Stephen Watson from the Buffalo News and a photographer came to the picnic and did a decent story on things, but in my opinion, Watson made the classic mistake of arriving at a picnic early/on time, and his count of 12 bloggers seemed a bit low. Also, I was surprised at his comments about Derek and Amanda Punaro of being unusual as a husband-and-wife blogging team. I told Val when I read that that I never even thought of us being anything unusual as a husband-and-wife team, and who knows, maybe another blog may end up that way some day ...
It was also fun to talk with Chris from In da Buff again, and get to talk to Chris (Buffalo Geek) and Brian (Red's Basement).
I also was disappointed in some ways by the absence of several bloggers, who we hope can make it to future BloggerCons, particularly Kevin and Mike from Bfloblog. Yeah, yeah, some reason like a son's birthday came up yesterday; hmm, what's next, a Jodi Johnston pool party?
As several Buffalo bloggers have noted, it is really the people and the ways they want to improve Buffalo and Western New York that make the Buffalo Prefecture of the Blogistan (I love Kelly's name for it) the great group that it is. Even with fruit and mayo monstrosities and moldy pound cake.


Blogger Derek J. Punaro said...

We can be unusual together. :) Nice meeting you two! Hopefully we'll have more time to talk at the next event. Amanda and I are both musicians ourselves, so I imagine we could immerse ourselves in conversation for awhile. I also finally added you to our blogroll, even though I've been reading your site for a while.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Erinna said...

I am truly sorry I missed it. Looking forward to the next one!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous KevinP said...

If it was a Jodi Johnston pool party, you know one of us would have made Bloggercon.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

Yes, Kevin, and I think I know who you mean. I hope your son's birthday party went good; I remember as a young kid that my birthday parties were almost better than Christmas.
You're right, Derek; we can celebrate our apparent unusual status as married bloggers, which I still don't really consider too out of the ordinary, but rather cool.

12:15 AM  

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