Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everybody Talking About Soda Pop

While I am a major cola and root beer fan, I now have a new favorite pop, er, soda pop, with a local connection.
With Wegmans being good enough to place it on sale, I recently tried Johnnie Ryan Cherry Soda, made in Niagara Falls, NY, and man, is it good. Val wasn't too thrilled with their cream soda (she is more of a Virgil's and/or Jones cream soda fan), but I really am enjoying Johnnie Ryan Cherry Soda. Sadly, I am actually trying too hard to not drink a bottle one night to save it to the next, instead of just stopping and enjoying the cherry soda.
Johnnie Ryan Soda can be contacted at their web site here, and you can read this Bufalo Rising story on the company here.


Blogger Scott Leffler said...

The best, though, is their peach pop, which they only sell in mid-september ... and I think only in the Niagara Falls and Lewiston stores. I used to have my family stock up when it came out and bring some down to Ohio with them. Now I stock up myself ... but sadly, I'm on my last bottle.

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