Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jim Whitford

Well, it's about time. Jim Whitford will be inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame tomorrow night.
Jim was guitar player/ vocalist/songwriter for The Pine Dogs throughout the '90s. In this century, he released his own album, "Poison in the Well", has worked with numerous artists, including Mark Winsick, The Outlyers, The Steam Donkeys, Peter Case (picture above), Gurf Morlix, Alex Lynne, Loomer, Linda McRae.... The list goes on. And he plays everything- guitar, pedal steel, lap steel, bass, standup bass. He is intensely talented, and completely underrated.
I have been his neighbor, promo manager (for The Pine Dogs), and I will end this on a personal note- I've been lucky to have been his friend for all these years.....


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