Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goo Goo Dolls, Willie Nile and Counting Crows

So, pretty good birthday. Thanks for all the blog wishes (Happy Birthday you too, LC Scotty?), and to Kevin for treating me so good....
No, the picture above is not from Darien Lake last night. It's actually a photo I took in July 1988 at The Continental, which may help explain my story a bit....
See, I haven't seen the Goos in quite a bit. And really not since they've gotten big. Probably a number of reasons. I hate big shows that I can't photograph- it makes me nuts. And since the band got really big, I started to feel kind of disconnected from the music. Until "Let Love In". They wrote and produced most of the album here in Buffalo. Forgive me if I'm waxing sappy here, but you can hear it. It's just so down to earth, so personal. Johnny even mentioned it last night from the stage, remarking on the energy here. So, when my friend Roza invited me to go, I knew now was the time to try it out. It seriously blew me away. Everything from their energy onstage, which though we're all getting older, it was a lot like the olden days; to the sound of the HUGE crowd cheering. I have not heard a roar like that in quite a while. It was just so impressive. I realize that's been happening for a while, but remember, I saw them mostly when they were a bar band. I was so proud of them (now you know I'm getting old- I sound like a grandmother...). Our boys, home. Robby has been very involved with Buffalo for a long time, Bless him!, (I'm trying to make Kevin write up Music is Art 2006, I swear!), but last night was my first time seeing the whole band. and it was pretty freakin' good.
To my surprise, Willie Nile opened the evening with an invite from Adam Duritz, He was pretty damn good too. Including himself, there were 5 guitar players on stage. Big sound from a big stage.
The Counting Crows, the headlining band on this tour, in this town gladly opened for The Goos. Now, while I never disliked them, I was never a fan. I was also really impressed last night, changing my mind about them as well. Damn, now that my birthday's over, I have a whole new list of cds. Xmas in July, anyone?

PS- Just as I finished this post, I read Jeff Miers review of the show in the news. Between the boys making it big and the newfound respect for the Counting Crows, I think Jeff and I are two old school Buffalo/Continental souls....


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