Monday, June 12, 2006

Internet worries...

Gonna get a little political on you. Big business is looking to have large a amount of control over what you can see on the internet. ISP's (Internet Service Providers) will basically be able to receive "payola" to push the big sites while hiding or blocking the smaller ones. This means that the blog content that you enjoy (you must if you're reading this...), the free exchange of ideas on the internet could be a thing of the past.
There is a grassroots group that is fighting for "Net Neutrality". If this means anything to you, visit the Save the Internet site, and sign the petition there. This is really big for those of us that take a lot of time and care (and don't make any money) on our websites, and could be really annihilated if this passes. Oh, and I almost forgot - Brian Higgins, the man I worked for and supported when he was running to be the Congressman for our area, voted against Net Neutrality. That is highly disappointing.


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