Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evening 1, Chicago

I'd say day 1, but we only got here at 5 central time. So far, a quick swim,a good meal at a coffee place/ restaraunt on Rush Street, then a long walk and shopping (looking) on Michagan Ave. This, and a 9 hour drive from Bflo today, and we're pretty glad we made out on priceline for this swanky hotel room.
I do love a big city. A city that is actually still awake, and will remain so well after Kevin and I hit the sack....
I didn't trust myself with a camera this evening, so we don't have anything as far as juicy photos to upload (though I was asked by a tourist to take her picture at the Michigan Street bridge). If we can get some energy together, we may go to the roof and get some night photos. Maybe. My feet hurt, and we have a long day planned tomorrow (our anniversary).


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