Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chicago-Day one

Here we are at the end of another long day! The first picture is of a couple of friends we met at The Shedd Aquarium- Unfortunately (for the photographer), most of the animals were behind glass, so pictures were not too much of an option. And the sea otters just knew it! All looking cute and just knowing that people'd have to take my word for it. Next is a rare shot of the two of us (rare 'cause I'm usually the one behind the camera). A friendly rather harmless looking tourist took it for us. The 3rd is the skyline at dusk- just before dinner at Navy Pier. I'm going to let Kevin fill you in with stuff- I gotta go to bed....


Blogger Jen(nifer) said...


Penguins penguins penguins penguins penguins :)

Which reminds me of a story from High School about the Shedd Aquarium and the penguins.

Our chorus did a tour of the Windy City. One of the places we selected to visit was the AQUARIUM! Now, while I was not certainly not class president..I was even better because I was friends with everyone, and dating the Class President ;) So methinks my personal penguin whip influences the vote...

Many hours on buses...and once we are there and I am so excited and wearing my penguin boxer shorts and and and "THE PENGUIN EXHIBIT IS CLOSED FOR REPAIRS" An audible gasp and mournful sigh hushed through the crowd towards, well the girl in the penguin boxers.

Class president boyfriend took me to Sea World a few weeks later to see those penguins.

I have a great pic of a Jen sad face next to the sign, but it is packed somewhere.

The end.

ENJOY your family! And the nice hotel!

9:38 PM  

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