Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh. My. God.

Kevin posted that I got EXTREMELY lucky and got to go to the game last night.
First, I must say,that that was the most amazing experence I have ever had in that building. Into overtime, there wasn't one fan , Sabres or Senators, that was not completely on edge, totally sure their team would win. Most of the third period and all of overtime, I don't think I was breathing.
I know that I can't write about the game as well as the Bfloblog guys, so I would suggest going directly there after reading this. And catching their thread during the game tonight (sorry Stu Boyar, the channel 2 thread gets a little tired...). Then go to In Da Buf, because he's got a link to RJs call on each goal. Of course, when you're there, you don't get to hear them, so I listened to them this morning (thank you Chris), and I actually got choked up.
Buffalo fans, though, are great. I can't even say how impressed I am with us. Last night I saw throngs of screaming Sabres fans, but only good hearted joshing to the Senators fans. From what I understand (please comment if i'm wrong) it was the same way in Ottawa with them. Thanks to Leaf and Flyers fans for giving us an opposite to compare with. It seemed that most of the crowd was singing along with the Canadian National Anthem, too. It just felt really good being there.
After being there through the pre-lockout days (and I'll give a warm welcome to the bandwagon-jumpers), watching the team play like this is completely mesmerizing. Like a team (Satan who?). I saw Max hit the ice to block a shot last night! A TEAM, I say! 6 hours and 20 minutes? I'll be watching Hockey Night in Canada. Hell, I'll sing the anthem.....


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