Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Let Love In" CD signing

Kevin wrote in an earlier post what I was up to today. Well, the Goo Goo Dolls CD signing at New World Record here in Buffalo was quite an event. I knew ahead of time that there were 350 pre-sale CDs, but when you actualy see the line of people stretched around the block (not to mention the crowd hoping to get in after the inital group), well, it was pretty impressive. The guys were really nice to the crowd. I was shooting pictures close to the line, and from beginning to the end, they were great. Of course, they were home-it seemed that they had at least met (at one time or another) just about every 4th person in that line.
If you were there, you know it was just fun to see. Govindan and Elizabeth (owners of New World) and the staff had quite a busy week (or so) getting ready for this, so the fun and the flow of the day had just about everything to do with them. Of course, I'm home writing this while the "invitation only" concert is happening at the band's old manager Artie Kwitchoff's club, The Town Ballroom. Hope everyone there has a good time (no, I'm not bitter....). It was a good afternoon.
I have to mention, one of the fans gave Robby a bag full of Pez dispensers. Because the flow of the crowd was brisk, Rob didn't get a really good look at it at first. During a break, he saw the fine selection of Pez items (Robby is a Pez fanatic). Whoever that was, you made Robby really happy......


Anonymous Rebecca said...

yeah, I forgot to give Robby the pez so I gave them to a security guard! glad to see he got them ...

2:23 PM  

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